Client Testimonials

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Testimonial: "Great service! I have recommended it to my friends. I will be forever thankful for the peace of mind you gave me in dealing with my creditors in my time of hardship. I just wish the Government would back your efforts and support it by law. It would make your job a lot easier. Since there are so many out there that promise to deliver and do not . but, like I said , you did deliver for my family and I." - William Womack

Testimonial: "My wife and i wish to extend you a THANK YOU for the professional manner in which you handled our financial debt situation. We found you to be precise, concerned and most informative when handling the above. We were uncertain at first, but soon found out this was a possible way of getting out of debt. We saved several thousand dollars by turning our credit cards into the hands of professional individuals. I shutter to think what we would have done if we did it alone....." George & Penny Koski

Testimonial: "Oh you really don’t how you have made me feel right now and this is the best Christmas gift I could have every ask for. I had thought that Chase credit card was giving you a hard time and that it would take so much longer to be done. I wish I could give you a hug to thank you so much. You have been such a big help to me and I will never forget it especially now that I have all the Hospital bills the extra money will come in handy. You will always be in my prayers and thoughts. Have a great Holiday" - Glynda

Testimonial: "What a great company to help anyone, get their financial burdens back on the right track. This company has the utmost professional case workers (Frank), which treat their clients with respect and dignity and go to no limits to protect their financial futures." - Barb McBride

Testimonial: "My husband and I have been with NSS almost a year. We are very happy with the company and the result and the two people who works with us. They are trusty, helpful and work with you and give you great advice. We would recommend our family and friends. Thank you to Josh Murray and Tommy Deets." -Sean Rhoten

Testimonial: "Thank GOD for John he's beenvery helpful shirley [email protected] better than any other company i have been with!!!!!!" - Shirley May Froats

Testimonial: "Jennifer, If only everyone dealing with debt problems were as great as you. You made me feel like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. Had a good time dealing with you and thanks for making me feel at ease with trusting you with my debts. You are easy to talk to and made me feel that there is a light at the end of this awful tunnel. Looking forward to our new founded relationship. Again thanks and GOD bless you." Sincerely, Jamie Rodriguez

Testimonial: "I'm proud to be a team member of your agency's Institutional Operations. But, I must say, it's very sad to realize that many people don't know of your agency's existence! And, of your professional abilities in assisting those of us who owe our life's to everyday debts, interest, frauds, taxes, banking accounts transactions, funds mismanagements and illegal schemes that affects that which controls our very existence in today's world or that it can be organized and controlled by your dedicated professionals to a height point of awareness in personal debt management. Also, the daily financial emotional traumas that your organization can easily and legally relieve in one's personal financial hardships in life can be personally threatening and emotionally charged obligations and a situation which is a major part of everyone and their families wellbeing, stability, and even physical health which are sometimes seriously in jeopardy because of debts owed to state and federal institutions which can easily become problematic, to say the least. So, to the best of my ability, I will inform others of your existence and personal dedication to your proven financial legal strategies and concerns in and of one's personal debts solutions, payments benefits and the availability and your agency's ability to offer an emotionally stabled, not too mention, the possibility of being "debt free" ,by utilizing your agency's proven practices, services and professional abilities that can ease the deep emotional frustrations of being in debt and not seeing any way out, which way to turn, what to do or doing something regrettable to exist and survive. Thank you very much for your personal help and concerns with my financial dilemma. Especially, the professionalism of your Customer Service Representative, Mrs. Angela Costanzo." - Michael E. Bell Ret., USAF Vietnam Era & Gulf War Veteran